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TFT is a health and wellness program that speaks to the realities of modern policing. A lot of officers use their car as their office and have health problems that’d make over-the-road truckers wince. Physical fitness is an imperative for the modern cop. Being physically prepared as a police officer allows you to avoid early retirement or disability, achieve a higher consistency in the field, and ready to survive that one career defining moment.

Becoming someone your partner, team, and community can count on to have their back starts with a purposeful decision to monitor your physical conditioning. The next step is responding accordingly. The most immediate step you can take to make it to a healthy successful retirement (with a full pension) is downloading the free TFT app and being honest about your test results.

TFT’s police physical fitness app gets you 5 workout videos applicable to all law enforcement personnel’s ongoing fitness. At TFT fitness doesn’t mean better definition on your abs and biceps (those are bonuses), it also means building a lifestyle that keeps you healthy, mobile, and tactically explosive.

Don't be a prisonerin your own body.

Tactical Functional Training Fitness Pyramid

A quick summary of the pyramid: you need to stay active and healthy by strengthening your exposure points. These are what could take you down for weeks at a time and even end your career. From there you need endurance development upon which other aspects of your physical fitness can grow. Strength building helps but it’s nothing without the base of the pyramid - if you’re eating fast food and donuts for breakfast after a hangover your body will NOT be ready when you need an instant response. At the top of our pyramid, physical conditioning for a cop is about being a tactical athlete. When a police officer must employ physicality (for duty or survival), the skillset is more like a football player than a marathon runner or a body-builder.  We call this tactical explosiveness.

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