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Tactical Functional Training

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TFT’s mission is simple; train law enforcement officers to be capable of handling the physical demands the profession brings throughout every officer’s career. We aren’t here to give you a six pack or build you monster biceps. We’re here to get you in shape and keep you in shape. Being a fit officer not only allows you to better do your job, but keep yourself and your colleagues safe.

For aspiring officers, TFT offers an extensive training program to prepare for the exercises that come with every police academy’s curriculum. Our exercises will not only help you pass each physical test, but excel and stand out to potential employers. For current officers, you already understand the need to stay fit in order to handle both the everyday grind, and survive those career defining moments. TFT’s health and wellness programs will help you get back in rookie year shape and stay there. We focus on strengthening the key exposure points that lead to most every officer’s early retirement or permanent disability, increasing your endurance and building both tactical strength and explosiveness.

Dear future self, I'm taking fitness seriously!
You're welcome.

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Downloading this app could be the last step you need to EXCEL through academy. Downloading this app could be the daily reminder you need to make better health decisions. Downloading this app can help you avoid early retirement or permanent disability. Downloading this app could be the difference between life and death in that one career defining moment.

Fitness is a series of small daily choices. The first one is downloading the app and changing small daily behaviors that would otherwise lead to you ending most work days feeling like crap.
Tactical Functional Fitness is ready to get you in proper policing shape and help prepare your body for battle against every eventuality.
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It focuses people's attention on what is necessary as a responsibility not only when they get hired, and they're on duty, but also when they're off-duty. This job requires me to be physically fit. It incorporates workouts geared towards our line of work.

Cory P.

U.S. Navy & Law Enforcement Academy Recruit

The TFT Program correlated each exercise to movements, actions, tasks, and situations an officer would find themselves in. I believe our recruits are more prepared both physically and mentally for the challenges of patrol services after completing this program.

Officer Linda B.

Officer of Madison Police Department

Madison, WI

The TFT Program showed me that little to no equipment is needed for a solid, well-rounded fitness program. As a member of the Dubuque Police Department's fitness committee, I highly recommend this program.

Officer Chad C.

Officer for the Dubuqe Police Department

Dubuque, Iowa

Learning and seeing the benefits of the TFT Program, I was convinced this program should be part of our Police Certification Curriculum. The TFT Program can assure the Law Enforcement Professionals can survive the physical and mental demands that this essential profession demands.

Tony B.

Director of a State Training and Standards Bureau


Train Right Get home at night.

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